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How to Get Cash

Your expenses don’t always come on your payday. And sometimes they all come at once! We are here for you when you need extra cash to make ends meet! Every day, we help people just like you. We can help you too!

  1. Fast and Easy Application

    Take a few minutes to see how easy it is to qualify for your cash. Just complete the easy online application or apply by phone by calling (708) 366-3267. Our friendly Money Company Loan Associates will be happy to help you get your cash.

  2. Fast and Easy Approval

    After we receive your application, we will contact you and let you know how to proceed to the next step. In most cases, you will be pre-approved by The Money Company. We then ask you to come to our office and bring your State ID, Pay Stub (or benefit statement) and Bank Statement (if you have a bank account).

  3. Fast and Easy Cash

    Once you bring your documents to our office, we can move you to the approval process. We will establish an easy payment schedule and repayment method that best meets your needs. You will then GET YOUR CASH - it is as easy as that! Apply Now to see how quickly you can get your cash!

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Choose Your Loan

The Money Company offers several types of loans to meet your unique needs. Our loans don’t require a credit check and offer easy, convenient repayment options. Our loans allow you to repay your loan over time with easy, affordable installment payments. There is NEVER a penalty for paying off early - you only pay for the days used!

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Starter Loan

Starter Loans allow you to build a relationship with our company. Starter Loans have easy requirements ​and offer several easy and convenient payment options. Starter Loans require regular employment income OR benefit income BUT you do not need a checking account (additional terms and conditions may apply). Once you have established a Starter Loan history with our company you may be eligible for our Installment Loan or Signature Loan! ​

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Installment Loan

Installment Loans are available to qualified customers who have established a satisfactory record with our company. Installment Loans offer higher loan amounts, lower rates, and a repayment plan tailored to your specific financial need.

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Signature Loan

Signature Loans are for our most qualified customers. Signature Loans offer our highest loan amounts, lowest rates, and easiest repayment plans. Ask our friendly Loan Associates how to apply for our Signature Loan.

Easy Credit Same Day Cash

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